Beach Barrage

1:00 pm


4:30 pm

Sep 24

Douglas Street


Beach Barrage is a 25 minute comedy acrobatic Show brought to you by 'Those Two Idiots'. The act is based on the beach, a space that is both public and private, the premise plays on chance encounters and potential fun or irritating interactions that are universal to the experience of a day at the seaside.

Salty Shore is an old fashioned gentleman who is quite particular in how he wants things, he likes to spend his days at the beach enjoying the peace and serenity of the birds and the ocean waves. When someone comes along and breaks the unspoken code of the beach he is very displeased.

Sandy Bottom is a care-free fun-loving lady. She goes to the beach for a party all her own with as many of her creature comforts as she can carry, sometimes more. While she is easy going she also has a mischievous side and won’t meekly tow the line for any party poopers.

Audiences will witness what happens when order meets chaos in this whirlwind, frenetic show - mixing spectacular acrobatics and outrageous comedy in the most unexpected ways. Presented in the international language of silliness, the show will have you gasp, laugh and wonder; 'what on earth will happen next?'.

Fun Fact!

The beginnings act were born at Pitch'd last year. Since then it has grown, changed, travelled, gotten bigger bolder wilder. The show has just finished its first tour this August entertaining crowds at festivals in Waterford, Scotland and Wales. Come and help us celebrate the 1st birthday of the show in the place where it was created!


Those Two Idiots

Édaein Samuels is from Cork and Peter Moran is from Dublin, together they are the newly formed acro-duo, Those Two Idiots. These two have been circus idiots for a combined amount of 23 years,  practicing various disciplines to amuse and amaze their audiences. Peter is a juggler and balancer extraordinaire, while Édaein flies, spins and slides, on Aerial Hoop - pair acrobatics and clownish behaviour is where their two worlds - sometimes quite literally - collide. Edaein and Peter have been bumping into each other at Circus Festivals for years. But when they attended a Social Circus training in early 2022 they put their heads together to dream up their beach themed act.

In September 2022 they wowed and entertained crowds with their 10 minute version of their show at the Marina Market, Cork,  performed and developed with mentorship from Ali Stanger and Henrick Gard as part of the Pitch’d Street Festival program.

The company were selected for this year’s NEST/4 Nations bursary programme to further develop this new beach themed non-verbal comedy acrobatic show, having worked with multi-award winning street theatre artist and director, Con Horgan, on the production, they are looking forward to make you laugh and cheer with their acro-antics.


Conceived with funding from Pitch'd 2022 and developed under the Spraoi Festival NEST Program




all ages


25 mins