The Grannies

1:30 pm


3:45 pm

Sep 24

Douglas Street


Meet Billie and Frieda, a bit bored with life, these cheeky friends decide to take to the streets and share with the world their life experiences whilst showing off their acrobatic tricks with their walking sticks.

An interactive performance that speaks to people of all ages. The two older ladies manage to surprise pedestrians, evoke funny irritations, and interrupt the rhythm of the public. They inspire the public to get up and ask people to help them cross obstacles. They flirt, they provoke, they are shameless - but always end up putting a smile on people’s faces.

Older women represented in a bold, wild way enjoying the advantages of being old. They share experiences of their wild and profound lives. They are slow in presence yet young inside their heart, full of cheekiness and charm.

Frieda is the naughty one and Billie likes to surprise people with a little craziness here and there. They are absolutely adorable and therefore can get away with almost anything.

They also know that and exploit it shamelessly.

The show is about two older friends, who use a walking stick and frame, and enjoy eachother’s company and meeting new people, who they laugh, dance and flirt with. The beginning of the show is an interactive promenade where the two performers engage with the audience. Then they settle into their non-verbal show, using circus, dance, acrobatics and clowning along with music. This is suitable for all ages.

You will feel curious, engaged, shocked, gasp, laugh, in awe, in respect, warm.

Wexford Arts Centre is where the show concept came from and research and development took place. The Grannies first started in the Wexford Arts Centre discovering our characters, how they move and interact with each other. We found our style and took them to the streets interacting with the people of Wexford most of whom really believed we were old. Thanks to support from the Irish Street Arts Circus and Spectacle Network.

The show also has a soundtrack that will knock your socks off!


Bill & Fred Productions

May 2023 went on nationwide Irish tour with The Grannies as part of Age and Opportunity Bealtaine Festival Touring award: Galway Theatre Festival, Moore Street Market Dublin, nursing homes with support from Louth County Council Arts Office, Wexford Arts Centre and Market Square Dundalk thanks to support from An Táin Arts Centre and Legends of Louth Festival. This tour was thanks to Pitch'd '22, as producer Juley-Ann Collins met Bill and Fred Productions in Cork and decided to work together and apply for the touring grant.  

Thanks to Culture Ireland and Pitch'd Festival '22, go on an American tour August 2023 supported by David Bruin Celebration Barn, Paris, Maine (USA) (who attended Pitch'd '22)


Thanks to Wexford Arts Centre and the Irish Street Arts Circus and Spectacle Network who supported the creation of The Grannies. Circus Factory and Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre who supported the development of the work. Age and Opportunity Bealtaine Festival, Galway Theatre Festival, Temple Bar Company, Dublin City Council, Louth County Council Arts Office, Wexford Arts Centre and An Táin for supporting The Grannies first Irish tour.




all ages


30 mins