On Tish

3:00 pm


Sep 24

Douglas Street


A dystopian and uplifting vision of the future. Set on a largely depopulated earth where the memories of the intended usage of technology have been largely eroded. Globally complex languages have disappeared and each tribe has their own way of communicating. The small eccentric tribes roam the planetary wasteland looking for food, shelter, and a bit of craic! The audience enters the picture just as the tribe are discovering their choice of shelter for the day.

In the year 2222 a small eccentric tribe of noisy, boisterous beings are on the hunt for food, shelter and a bit of craic! As they roam the desolate landscape they create chaos as they go with jaw dropping acrobatics and bags of absurdity! Prepare to laugh out loud as they sweep in, set up camp and make themselves at home. An uplifting whirlwind of a dystopian future, this is an explosive acrobatic show for all ages.


Síolta Circus

Formed in 2018 by a desire to create an Irish-based, boundary-stretching, ground-based circus collective. The company's main language is acrobatics, but also draws from theatre, music and circus to tell stories that embrace and captivate audiences. 'On Tish' directed by Alain Servant is the company's second show. Their first show 'Seeds' directed by Paddy Waters has toured both nationally and internationally from 2019-2020. The company have been supported by Arts Council Ireland, CINE Sineu, Spraoi Studios and Nenagh Arts Centre.


Performers: Ali Stanger, Aoife Raleigh, Henrik Gard, Jacob Anderson, Mish Thoburn.

Directed by: Alain Servant

Music by: John Linnane

Costume by: Lauren Cudden.

Supported by Arts Council Ireland, Spraoi Studios, Nenagh Arts Centre.




all ages


30 mins