Che fa, concilia?

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Sep 16

Marina Market


Don’t know where you are?

Stuck in traffic?

Can’t cross the road?

You’re in luck, because he’s going to rescue you: the virtuous of the whistle, the ace of the signal paddle, the knight of the round. The only cop in the world who can create traffic jams in the desert and give you directions if you're lost in a glass of water. A policeman playing with a traffic light and improbable fines. He can withdraw your license and returning it only after the “practice test” or the “balloon test”. An impeccable agent chasing offenders by unicycle and directs traffic on a balance ball. A cop so loyal to his duty to upset any other existing rule of the Civil Code or physics!!!

A true “street show”. The protagonist is a policeman in uniform with hat and signal paddle, he wanders “incognito” in the audience spreading disbelief and amazement and then go in a crescendo of acts that combine clowning, juggling and circus arts in a sequence of delirious gags.


Lorenzo Baronchelli / Ambaradan

Actor, writer, juggler, magician and musician. After several experiences with music start a research work on the clown and comedy with the theater company Erbamil, becoming an associate in 1994. He continued his education in various meetings and projects with Pierre Byland, as well as in various seminars. Self-taught juggler since 1993, he deepens this art matured over time different educational experiences throughout Europe.

His skills are reflected in the creation and interpretation of comedy theater, for kids and street shows with the companies Alicante, Erbamil and Ambaradan in many seasons and festivals, both italian and foreign. Founder of the visual comedy quartet Slapsus, has been guest on various italian and belgian television programs as well as starring in several international tours with the shows "Synphonia" and "FairPlay" including the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh with positive response from critics and audiences. Among the performers of "3x3 = 10" by Elsinor (selected for the award Stregatto) directed by Bruno Stori and "Creatures" by Archipelago Circus Theatre and directed by Marcello Chiarenza. He collaborates with other artists for the creation of their shows, including Vertical Events, company of theater, dance and acrobatics in vertical spaces.

He shares his many years of experience in the organization of events, seasons and festivals of comedy, street and young generation theater or contemporary circus in collaboration with public and private entities.

It leads alongside a busy didactic activity, teaching acting and circus arts at any levels.

Graduated in Economics, he is currently artistic director of Ambaradan managing also promotion and administration. Since 2010 he co-founded the InItinere theatre residency runned by Associazione Retroscena, a production and research center launched with the support of the Cariplo Foundation.


Produced by Ambaradan with the support of Initinere (




all ages


40 mins