The Jack Wise Show

1:30 pm


Sep 16

Marina Market


Laddddies and Gentllleeemen....

He's a Magician,Ventriloquist , Sword Swallower and headlining Comedian.

It's time to introduce you to Jack Wise!!!

Winner of The Festival performance World Championship and UK family entertainer of the year,  Jack has been described by the press as a

"Modern day Vaudevillian" as he seamlessly blends hilarious comedy with eye popping magic.  

His lightning fast adlibs, natural charm and incredible magic have made Jack Wise “the choice” for corporate events all over Ireland and England and for festivals all over the world!   So set your face to stunned and hold tight for a rollercoaster ride of comedy mind bending magic!

A laugh a minute with the seamless audience interaction in which Jack doesn’t just involve onlookers but makes them part of the show. The show is suitable for all ages. The humour is similar in style to Shrek – in that there are jokes for the adults and humour for the kids and never the twain meet.

What is the show about?

A true variety show – magic, sword swallowing and ventriloquism but performed in a very light hearted, tongue in cheek and somewhat irreverent style.

How will I feel watching 'The Jack Wise Show'?

Uplifted by moments of amazement and belly laughs at ridiculous situational comedy.

*sword swallowing may be of concern to parents with very small children


Jack Wise

Magician, Ventriloquist, Sword Swallower and headlining Comedian...Who is Jack Wise?

Described by the press as a modern day vaudvillian…

Jack first displayed his flair for entertaining and gift for sleight of hand when he would delight his classmates by defiantly vanishing sweets right in front of the furious local shopkeeper!

The Jesuit priests who were responsible for Jack’s more formal education took a very dim view of his skills particularly with the “Devils Prayer book”(that’s playing cards to you and me) but Jack had learnt a very valuable lesson . . . most people like to be amazed but they all love to laugh! Mix the two it’s and it’s a winning combination.

Jack took Mark Twain’s advice “Never let your schooling interfere with your education”and started performing at private functions in some of Dublin’s most prestigious locations.

As word of mouth bookings became too much too handle and after winning both the titles of Close up Magician and Stage Magician of Ireland Jack decided to make his

life-long passion a full time occupation.

And today…

Jack has developed a number of other talents over the years including ventriloqusim and sword swallowing but probably most notable is his sense of humour.

He has a lightening fast adlib for every situation. This skill has been forged in Comedy Clubs the length and breadth of the country.

Jack has an uncanny ability to walk the “what’s acceptable” line without stepping over it. His outlandish but never offensive humour and eye popping magic won Jack him the title of Street Performance World Championship.

Today, he is first choice for entertainment at corporate events across Ireland and England and at festivals all over the world.





all ages


45 mins