51 Removals

2:15 pm


Sep 24

Douglas Street


Binah has moved 51 times in her life, across continents, seasons, and time differences. From Italy to Egypt, Mexico to England, her world moving with her in cardboard boxes and trolleys as she travels the world in the search of a forever home.

Now in Ireland, help her adjust to her new surroundings, unpacking the memories and belonging she carries in this playful and interactive street show that asks us all to consider the meaning of home?

51 Removals is an engaging, moving, and comical street show that explores the nature of memories departures and belonging. Audiences are invited to follow the main character Binah as she searches for her forever home while carrying all her worldly possessions. The show is highly engaging and interactive with props and set design that comes alive throughout the performance with unique characterisations inviting playful audience interactions, creating a world of absurdity and poetry throughout the piece.

- Inspired by Gulliver’s Travels: Several Remote Nations of the World

- Influenced by the visually stunning ‘Invisible Cirque’ by Victoria Chaplin and Jean Baptiste Thiérrée

- Inspired by the artists real life experience


Elisa Gallo Rosso

Elisa Gallo Rosso is a Cork-based interdisciplinary performing artist with training in both architectural studies and clowning.

She has over 2 decades of collaborative and solo projects that include live performance, installation and theatre making.  Her broader practice embraces set design, puppetry from small-scale to large-scale, arts participatory methodologies and clowning. Past set design/performer/artistic collaborator credits include: Robin Dingemans, Natasha Davis, Circo Ridiculoso, Quinta Tinta Theatre.  

In 2020 she became Artistic Director of Cork Puppetry Company leading on the artistic creation and design of parades commissioned for Cork and Dublin St Patrick’s Day Festivals.


Presented by Elisa Gallo Rosso in association with Promenade.

Funded by the Arts Council and Cork City Council Arts Office. Supported by Circus Factory.


Performer - Elisa Gallo Rosso

Creative Team:

Lead artist and creator- Elisa Gallo Rosso

Direction - Éadaoin O Donoghue

Dramaturgy - Cormac Mohally

Object Manipulation - Damian Punch

Set Design Consultancy - Nisei Kobayashi, Triangle Productions

Film/Photography - Shannon Bowman & Andrea Muglia

Costume Design - Valentina Gambardella

Puppetry Design - Alex Hindmarsh

Technician - Jesse James Hallaway

Producers - Kath Gorman and Ciara O’Mahony, Promenade




all ages


30 mins