4:30 pm


Sep 16

Marina Market


'Bailarinas' Show is a Clown Show with a lot of audience participation and improvisation. It's very funny with lots of Hhumor.

The clown shares the stage with many different volunteers, doing silly routines.  

It's based on being naive and ready to play improvise, life is short, it's about enjoying and have a good time, where there is no Barries, no judgments, no wrong, no bad, everything it's a possibility of something. If we say yes life bring us enormous adventures, and show it's about inviting audience members to be part of this show, even being smiler all show's are slightly different.

Performed Bailarinas already in Glastonbury 2022; The Winchester Hat Fair 2022 Ascona Busking Festival Switzerland 2022; Carnaval Sztukmistrzów Festival Lublin, Poland 2022; Ferrara Busking Festival 2022, Italy; Gerace Festival Il Borgo Encantato, Italy 2022. Abha Festival In Saudi arabia 2022,  Festival Cúpula Arcozêlo, Porto, Portugal 2022, Festival Aqui ao lado Massamá, Lisbon, Portugal 2022, Swarovski KristallWelten Summer Festival 2021, The Mighty Festival Fribourg Switzerland 2021, Christmas Circus Festival Porto 2021, Swarovski Kristallwelten Austria 2021.


Daniel Gonçalves

"I was part of the Dumbo Movie, from Tim Burton, produced by Disney; Worked with the Russian Company Slava Snow Show; Worked for Roncalli Circus in Swarovski KristallWelten. Worked in 29th different countries in 4 different continents. Lived in London for 10 years where I graduated and started my Artistic career, with Mattress Circus, my company, at that time. And also with Chris Lynam in Pop Corn Club Cabaret. I worked for Shake´s in Abu Dhabi and Prince Charles in England. Also part of Victor Frankstein produced by Fox, Ruby Robinson produced by Sky Arts and in Doom3 in Bollywood."





all ages


30 mins